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You will get FREE discount coupon automatically if your order is fully paid by KNET only and the total amount is equal or above KD 10.000 (not including shipping). Coupons expire after 7 days from their issued time and MAX value for the coupons that you can get is KD 5.

General Coupons Rules:

* You can only apply/use one coupon for each order.
* Any coupon can only be used once.
* Coupons can only be applied on the subtotal and does not apply on the shipping charges.
* Coupons cannot be applied on orders after they are placed.
* Coupons cannot be exchanged with cash or refunded.
* No compensation will be given for expired coupons for any reason.
* No compensation will be given for used coupons on canceled or unpaid orders.
* If the coupon amount is greater than the order total amount, you will not be compensated for the lost credits.
* Coupons cannot be sold for cash.

If you have questions or concerns please contact us.